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Simply put, bats coexist with the disease. Diseases are easily carried and transmitted from bat to bat because they live in large, tight colonies making infection easily spreadable. When they fly, they can release these harmful pathogens at a considerable distance, exposing you and your family to these viruses. These can include rabies, Ebola, and SARS coronavirus. Beyond their health concerns, bats can cause structural damage, as their droppings and urine soak and drip through ceilings, particle boards, sheetrock, and ruined insulation. Don’t put your family or property in danger when you have a bat infestation. Call the bat removal specialists and take back your home from these invaders.

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When it comes to bats in your home, don’t take your chances trying to catch them yourself. Exposure to bats risks you, your family, and your pet’s health. Bats also tend to stay together and seek shelter in colonies, so where there’s one, there could be many. Call our expert bat removal team today and take back your home from bats.

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