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Raccoons do the most damage when they’re searching for a place to nest. This means that you might have damage to your roof shingles, ventilators, or windows as they try to gain access to your attic, making it their new home. They tend to be known as unofficial garbage workers because they often get into your trash and spread it all across your yard. Beyond the damage raccoons can have on your home, they also have razor-sharp teeth and claws parried with the strength to inflict harm. In fact, there are many accounts of attacks on children, adults, and household pets. They are also considered the primary carrier of rabies in the United States, making an encounter with them that much more dangerous. Don’t risk your loved ones and property when you have a raccoon problem. Instead, call the raccoon removal experts.

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Raccoons are very aggressive when they feel threatened, so do not try DIY methods to remove them yourself. Raccoon control should be left to the experts, that’s where we come in. Our raccoon removal services and quick and effective, so you and your family can have peace of mind when you’re enjoying the outdoors.

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