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When you hear the sound of buzzing around your house, your home has most likely become a hornet’s home. The most common way insects get into your home is through unsealed openings such as vents, attics, doors, and windows. Once a hornet builds a nest around your home, it’s just a matter of time before they invade your space. Beware if you start to notice hornets in your space. Their venom can cause swelling, pain, stinging, redness, and itching. Though most people just experience the discomfort and agony of a sting for 24 hours, hornet venom can be fatal to those who are allergic.

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Hornet stings can be dangerous to humans and tend to release more venom than any other stinging insects. Don’t live in fear, keep your family and pets safe through our hornet removal services. We have several methods of hornet removal to keep them out of your home and yard.

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