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Beavers are known for their aggressive nature, specifically when it comes to defending their territory against perceived invaders. This means, once beavers infest your property, they’ll view you are a threat to their newfound home. When coming into contact with a beaver, you are susceptible to rabies infection, not to mention their razor-sharp nails and teeth. Beyond beaver contact, they can also be a nuisance when it comes to your water flow. When beavers build dams, they endanger areas that are not meant to be flooded and can cause damage to existing damns.

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Beaver Removal Company

When you see signs of beavers building dams and beaver lodges on your property, they’re starting to make your home theirs. Our beaver management team will safely remove beavers from your property, giving you and your family relief from beaver damage. Contact Virginia Pest Management when you need quick and effective relief from beavers around your home.

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